posted 04 Aug 2009

It has been some time in the making, but we can finally(!) announce the release of the WOJTEK GODZISZ album, due out on 5th October 2009. We're also taking this opportunity to invite you down to a delightful evening of decadence at the 100 Club launch party on 30th September. Hurrah!

Wrapped in delicious gatefold digipack, the self-titled opus will be available on both CD and non-wrapped download formats and features guest spots from the magnificent likes of Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), Amy May (Circulus) and Martin Radford (The Pan I Am). Here is ye tracklisting:

1. The Moon And The Yew Tree
2. Rosette Nebula
3. Sulis Minerva
4. The Book Of The Law
5. Galactic Inn Of The Sixth Happiness
6. Ace Of Pentacles
7. Sinner's Song
8. The Wild Earth
9. Beltane
10. Ghosts
11. A Million Cold Black Fires

Tickets for the album launch party can be bought in advance at a user-friendly 6.50 from these outlets: We Got Tickets, Ticket Web and See Tickets. See you all there!


"Achingly beautiful" - 4/5 - GIGWISE

"It's great, in case you were wondering" - 8/10 - DROWNED IN SOUND

"Like Arcade Fire as conducted by Tim Burton" - LAUNCHPAD

"Thank fuck for this single!... Three minutes of folk pop perfection." - PLAYLOUDER

"Beautiful, heartfelt folk" - TERRORIZER

"It's a good song." - 7/10 - ROCK SOUND

Untitled Musical Project: UNTITLED MUSICAL PROJECT - last ever show tonight & 'Leftovers' album
posted 06 Jul 2009

Untitled Musical Project make their curtain call at The Lexington tonight, in support The Victorian English Gentlemen's club single launch party. We'll be giving away free handmade copies of the new 'Leftovers' CD, which contains all their vinyl-only and unreleased studio and demo recordings. Here's the tracklisting:

1. Facsimile Machine
2. Beards & Drugs
3. Why Isn't Paul McCartney Dead Already?
4. Take Your Funk And Fuck Off
5. Write A Word Claim A Third
6. Write.Tour.Kill.Repeat
7. Rocky VIII: 'When Falling Apart Gets Boring Because There's No One Left To Watch'
8. The Untimely Demise Of Ray And Ray
9. Two Pints Of Lager And A Pack Mule
10. Russian Rob
11. All I Need Is Johnson
12. There's Plenty More Fish In The Family Tree
13. Over Excited Nonsense Over Menial Everyday Occurrences
14. Nothing Says Emotion Like One Man And His Acoustic Guitar
15. 16th Minute
16. Dance To The Gallows

The band wrote a wee insert for the CD, which reads:

"This is the documentation of our medium rise and barely noticeable fall, in the form of non-CD and unreleased tracks. Tracks 1-3 you will find the triple a-side we released on 7" in late 2006, tracks 4-9 are unreleased studio outings, 10-13 are rough demos and 14-16 are poor drunken practice room takes. Expect out of time vocals, poorly executed choruses and problematic time-keeping.

Untitled Musical Project were: Andrew Barry Graham - bass and vocals, Kieran Duffy - guitar and vocals, and two reluctant to sing drummers in the form of James Peacock and Gregory Shingler."

You can download the whole album free from HERE or buy in the Tigertrap shop for the price of postage.

Untitled Musical Project: UNTITLED MUSICAL PROJECT - split & final shows
posted 23 Jun 2009

"Even the brightest flame must one day flicker out," said someone, once. Following in this grand and sweeping tradition, Tigertrap's finest faux-Brummie noise-makers Untitled Musical Project have decided to call it quits.

Rather than wallow in an empire of despair, Tigertrap chooses to remember the happier days, like the amazing audience-band banter the night Bernard Manning met his maker. Or the spontaneous 'fight song' they invented on stage last week to soundtrack two young ladies rolling around on the floor, scratching at each others' eyes.

Precious times, indeed.

For those sentimental types, there are two more chances to see them play:

26th June @ The Victoria, BIRMINGHAM (w/ Johnny Foreigner + Hot Club de Paris)
6th July @ The Lexington, LONDON (w/ The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club)

We're also putting together a wee CD of unreleased songs, new & old, which will be given away in one final gesture of love at the London show. Details on that to follow.

The band say:

Dearest non-existent fans,
We have decided to call it a day. Thank you for everybody who came to our gigs and helped us along are dysfunctional way. We have two more gigs left one this Friday in Birmingham at the Victoria and one on the 6th of July in el Capital at the Lexington. We have but a few songs we recorded a month or so a go up for your listening displeasure.

Thank you good night. Ump. xx

Tiny Masters Of Today: TINY MASTERS OF TODAY - 'Skeletons' album out next week
posted 11 Jun 2009

New York's amazing Tiny Masters Of Today are releasing their second longplayer 'Skeletons' next Monday (15th June) through Mute/EMI. They've just received a glowing 8/10 review in the NME, which rightly notes "TMOT have produced an album that's a stroke of genius regardless of age."

Tiny Masters released their first two EPs on Tigertrap back in 2006 and have gone from strength to strength since then. Check out their new video 'Pop Chart' below:

Mock Orange: MOCK ORANGE - fan generated video for 'Song In D'
posted 02 Jun 2009

Take a look at this unofficial video for 'Song In D' from the album Captain Love. We like!

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