Tigertrap was forged in the dark winter of 2005 in a pub known only as Big Red. Since that time, we have endeavoured to intrigue and irritate in equal measure. Background music is the enemy. We hope that nothing we release will be described as "a great record to write an essay to". We want our music to provoke a reaction - good or bad. Otherwise, really, what's the point?


We prefer MP3 links or streams via e-mail to physical demos.



CD replication machines can manufacture CD and DVDs at a very high rate. Typically the pressing process creates CDs every 3-4 seconds. We recommend Disc Wizards for CD duplication.

Thursday 18th February @ Magasin 4
Brussels, Belgium
Thursday 18th February @ Magasin 4
Brussels, Belgium
Wednesday 24th February @ I.BOAT
Bardeaux, France
Thursday 25th February @ Salle Micro
Nantes, France
Friday 26th February @ Le Temps Machine
Joué-Les-Tours, France