Tiny Masters Of Today
Brooklyn, New York pre-teen punk rock sensations Tiny Masters of Today are comprised of twelve year old Ivan and his ten year old sister Ada. The pair began writing music in the summer of 2004 when Ada was only eight. In the intervening years, their sound has matured to the point where several songs actually exceed one minute in length.

Their influences are surprisingly diverse, ranging from the Ramones to Abba, but their inventive writing, arrangements, and playing are uniquely their own. Youth is certainly part of their charm but only to the extent that it contributes to the generally unaffected ambience. Amidst the general youthful exuberance is a refreshingly anti-authoritarian stance which spares nobody, from elementary school cliques to the President of the United States.

The band went on to sign a worldwide deal with Mute Records and released their acclaimed debut album 'Bang Bang Boom Cake' in 2007.

Released: 18 Dec 2006
Format: 7 Inch/Download
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Big Noise
Released: 24 Jul 2006
Format: 7 Inch/Download
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Ivan - vocals, guitar
Ada - vocals, bass
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