586 are a tragi-comic, garish shebang of a gang. Deborah Coughlin and Steve Horry write songs about money, paranoia, monkeys, guilt and small town warfare to indie-pop tunes with a bible of disco dilemmas and punk politics. Compared to The B-52's, Tom Tom Club, The Long Blondes, Art Brut, The Moldy Peaches and Arcade Fire, a performance from all five members is, at the very least, the most interesting of any new band around. Glitter explosions, impromptu stand-up, dance-offs, gifts and genuine enjoyment from the band are addictive additives to some of the strongest, idiosyncratic songwriting for years.
Money Is The Drug
Released: 27 Nov 2006
Format: 7 Inch/Download
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We Got Bored
Released: 22 May 2006
Format: 7 Inch/Download
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Deborah Coughlin - vocals, synths
Steve Horry - vocals, guitar
Samantha Christie - bass
Simon Dempsey - guitar, percussion
Grant Purser - drums
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