Pseudo Nippon
Pseudo Nippon
Pseudo Nippon consist of frontman P-ta and double drummer outfit, Colden Drystone and Dove Kokojin. Their second album 'Colorama' is due for release this October on Tigertrap Records. The record was named after the empty, then squatted, photographic factory where it was recorded.

Running for two-and-a-half years, the space became the home and hub of a community of anarchists, activists, artists and gardeners, all of whom commonly enjoyed the taste of beef eggs (a PN speciality). Left without a home, they continue their quest to play intense and comic live shows, as well as finding shelter for the night.

Originally a one-man performance art piece exploring the absurdity of cultural stereotypes in a society homogenised, Pseudo Nippon has since grown to find identity with the fringes of society, expressing itself in a colourful and dynamic explosion.

Released: 20 Apr 2013
Format: Cassette/Download
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Released: 05 Nov 2012
Format: LP/CD/Download
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Universal Brotherhood (Cops Say Ow)
Released: 15 Oct 2012
Format: Download
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P-ta - vocals, programming
Colden Drystone - drums, guitar, piano, vocals
Dove Kokojin - drums, clarinet, piano