The Far Cries
Liz Holdforth was an aspiring ballerina who spent her weekends at her grandfather's sweetshop in Peckham, before she was seduced by London's art and music scene. Martin Bjorck arrived to the city after a stint as a hotel pianist in Prague, with a suitcase full of lyrics and a head full of songs. The two of them met in a caf?, where they instantly clicked. Together they rented a flat and set about creating a sound which would soon develop into The Far Cries built on demented keyboards fused with one-string style guitar riffs, overlaid with shouty, melodic vocals set to a moody backbone of a drum machine and pounding bass. Their tunes are sharp and immediate. Live, Liz and Martin are joined by drummer Chris Morgan and bassist Iain Watkins.
Split Single
Released: 04 Sep 2006
Format: 7 Inch/Download
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Martin Bjorck - vocals, guitar
Liz Holdforth - synth, vocals
Iain Watkins - bass
Chris Morgan - drums